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Sunday Mornings
5513 Grand Central Ave 26105, Vienna WV 26105
@ 11am
Children's Church is available after worship for children 7 and under.

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Last week was Memorial Day weekend as well as Pentecost weekend for us believers so I wanted to allow a little Pentecostal loose into our Refuge service. For over two decades I have believed that the Lord is changing our “church” paradigm. Rather than just a “one man show” (or one woman show😜), the Lord is releasing a kingdom mindset that includes anyone and everyone. Every now and then, (sometimes without warning like last week), I will take the risk and open up the service for whosoever wants to share. DANGEROUS, YES, but I think it’s one step in the right direction.
Anyways......Of course I didn’t do the prophetic message that I have been given concerning The Power of an Endless Life. By necessity I will need to give a Bible history lesson so that we can understand the importance of the timeline, but rest assured that this will be a NOW WORD!! If I get to do it this time🤪

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Do you think that you should actually feel better about yourself
when you leave a church service than when you came?
                            or loved?
If you are looking for a church like this and haven't found it yet, how about letting us show you what we have found in Jesus? Maybe you have something to show us as well!

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